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Composing Tourneys

Fourth day
In the fourth day of the tournament, there was another interesting tournament that was called Solving Show in knock out system.The tournament was done through computers that one of them was server and the other 2 were clients that were connected to server.   In the morning, the trainee was made for the solvers to teach how to use system. After lunch, the tournament took place by 22 solvers. Each problem was 1 point and solvers had 3 minutes to solve each problem. Until semi finals, 2 points were enough to qualify next round, in semi final this was 3 points,in small final (for 3rd place) this was 4, and in final 5 points were needed to be the winner.

In the final of the tournament Feoktistov  won the duel by 5-3 against Pletnev and won the tournament. In small final, Dragoun won the duel by 4-1 against Kopyl and became the third. Click here for tournament details

After, tournament Milan Velimirovic, chief arbiter of all tournaments, stated that "It was important to see that this was actually first Solving show which was a real time broadcast on internet through htttp://" 

 resim 015  resim 059  resim 070

The day ended with the lecture in the evening in which participants were supposed to present one problem of their own.

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