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The Youngest Solver in ECSC - Ömer Deniz Gülbay
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 A mini conversation with Ömer Deniz Gülbay, the youngest solver of the tournament and also the only participant from Turkey.

He is only 12 years old and the youngest solver in the tournament. Let us find more about him. He is 12 years old and he has been playing chess for 5 years. He is going to Fethiye Gazi ?lkö?retim Okulu in the 6. class. He is playing for Fethiye Belediye Spor Klubu and his national rating is 1556. He has participated in several tournaments so far.  

He says that playing chess has contributed to his personal development both in social and mental ways. He states that “Not only is it a pastime for me but also it helps me to think with an analytical approach.”

He gives the reason to join this tournament for the first time for his interests in solving chess problems and combinations. “Of course this tournament is separate from the classical ones because only you are single in the table, so there is no rival on the other side. So, it has a completely different and fascinating atmosphere compared to others. So it was an unforgettable experience for me. I am very content to have experienced this.”

“Concluding my words, I want to thank to my family as they are the ones who oriented me to the game and helped me to progress in this regard.”

We thank him for this enjoyable conversation.
 ECCC 2008